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Lyft And (waymo) Google Partners To Create Self-Driving Cars

Lyft And (waymo) Google Partners To Create Self-Driving Cars - The battle between the arch companies, where lyft currently in prediction will be more powerful than Uber.

Uber is one of the best arch companies nowadays, which has been dominating the market share of archipelago companies in supporting the technology of creating self-propelled automobiles, both of which potentially cooperate with the company's own automobile division of google (waymo) companies.

As reported, both have formally cooperated between waymo and lyft, where lyft is one of the toughest competitors in arch technology, which has been the uber master of technology in that field.

It seems lyft after officially working with google waymo, potentially will change everything.

The deal was officially confirmed today by Waymo and Lyft. With the agreement made, the two companies will join. They will share their ideas and concepts in building the perfect autonomous vehicle. Along with that, both will also plan future pilot projects and product development.

Waymo currently holds the best autonomous propulsion technology, according to sources. Now with Lyft collaboration, it will only drive the goals of both companies. The goal is to improve life through better transportation.

Problems for Uber

The deal can also change things significantly for popular popular business applications. This is because Uber is currently a leading motorcycle rider. Fortunately, Google Waymo supports Lyft's efforts. And therefore, Lyft's chances to overtake Uber in autonomous vehicle competition are much better.

In fact, some experts have started to side with Waymo as a clear favorite in autonomous vehicle races. This is mostly Lyft makes the ties between the two companies much more powerful.
Initial Instructions About Join

Last year, Lyft founder John Zimmer claimed that in the future, every Lyft vehicle would now become autonomous. However, there are still some who doubt the seemingly ambitious claims of the moment. People guess that Zimmer already knows that this deal is coming, which makes it a bit of a mock start.

On the other hand, more problems surrounding Uber, because the company is currently involved in lawsuits against Waymo. The lawsuit claims that they have allegedly stolen some of the secrets being traded from Google Company. With that in mind, Waymo partnership only adds more wrinkles to Uber.

At this time, specific details about the merger between Waymo and Lyft have not been disclosed. However. Waymo did give some statements. The company says that Lyft and their vision to fix the car are on the right track. It will also be a triggering force that will enable it to reach their goals in less than five years.

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